Virtual Lessons by kids for kids

Parent Coaching by parents

We engage your child in 1.5 hr of kid-to-kid lessons VIRTUALLY to give you focused time to work from home or to help your kids connect with other kids from different parts of the world!

We accompany parents during their transformation journey via bespoke coaching and via a 5-week virtual CAMP


1.5-hour Real-Time Virtual

Lessons by kids for kids​ from $3

All kid lessons and courses are scheduled to start at :45 on the hour and last for 1.5 hrs so you can focus on calls and on being able to achieve flow with your work. TODAS LAS SESIONES DISPONIBLES EN ESPAÑOL.

Design Thinking for kids - 5$

A 4-class sprint designed for your kids to solve interesting challenges while meeting other kids


We have experienced a massive transformation as parents. Going from autopilot to becoming intentional parents.


We trust kids to be able to do real-world tasks and lead independently early on in their life, only and only, if we get out of the way. Our motto is "let go to let grow."  

For the past 4 years, we worldschooled our kids while traveling from city to city. We grew together. We learned together. And we have mental models, tools, and processes to share with families.

We believe it is our responsibility to help other parents and kids navigate change. 



By parents for parents.
A space to share practices, activities, and ideas with other parents.


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