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Family challenge: Everyday at 5 o'clock

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

Grow closer together while 'gamifying' the experience. A dōjō Practice with Laura Sandefer.

How to keep your kids engaged with the family in the age of screens, social media, and texting?

Laura has hacked one of the most human of needs: Our competitive nature. As we spend more time in quarantine at home it only feels natural to create moments where we can satisfy our most intrinsic needs.

So, every morning her teen boys dash to the kitchen to find out what the day’s challenge might be. And at 5 pm sharp they play for the prize of not having to do the dishes.

Laura Sandefer, Co-Founder of the best school in the world (at least our world) Acton Academy and Author of Courage to Grow: How Acton Academy Turns Learning Upside Down has always been a firm believer in Game-based learning. It can serve both as a powerful mental model and tool to connect individual growth while building a stronger community.

While a new concept for many, gamification in the learning space has been proven to enhance the willingness of students to enjoyably participate and to own their learning process.

Thank you, Laura!


Suggested Time
15 to 30 min

Everyone in your family

Level of fun
super fun!!!

Materials Needed
Post-its or white board to pin challenges to in the morning
Mterials related to the challenge

Challenge ideas
Hide and seak
Pin the tail on the donkey
HORSE (shooting basketball hoops) 
El pañuelo (this is our family's favorite, from Spain)

Get to know each other better through play

Prepare the whole week ahead of time
Involve the kids to come up with one challenge each

dōjō STREAM lessons related to this activity: 
Lego "Championship" with Iker
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