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Let go to let grow!

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

Failing early and safely. A dōjō Practice with Trish Copenhaver.

Our kids won’t grow to solve their own problems if parents are always right there to solve things for them. This is one of the most useful beliefs we could begin to add to our toolbox as parents. Especially now when the world and the economy are changing in unpredictable and profound ways due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Now more than ever our kids need to be flexible, critical thinkers and creative problem-solvers.

Kids are prewired to see the world this way, and it is our duty to facilitate their growth with as much autonomy and self-determination as possible.

Trish, Account Manager at VMware and mother of two teenage independent girls, is one of the best examples we know of how to parent with the right balance of supervision and independence. Not always easy when your kids are strong and curious teens but Trish is playing the long game.

It’s almost like a chemistry formula, where respect in their capabilities plus room to try and fail in a safe space from experiences equals resilience and accountability.

We always learn from seeing Trish interact with her daughters and we know you’ll be inspired by her too.

Thank you, Trish!


Materials Needed
Yourself and your kids ;)

Growth Mindset [the power of "yet"]
How to let your kids grow
Reflection (to continously stretch beyond your comfort zone)
Feedback (yes, kids are very capable of giving and recieving it) 

You and your kids will learn by doing. Exploring healthy boundaries and respecting each other's capacities. 

When in doubt, simply ask your kids, they most likey have the answer.

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