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Starring: You and your child!

Learn together while making a movie. A dōjō Practice with Nick Bennett.

While one of our goals as parents is to keep our kids informed about what’s happening in the world with the coronavirus pandemic, we can’t forget that playing is one of the most important tools our kids use to learn and make sense of the world.

Remember counting the seconds to go out and play in the yard when you were a kid? It’s probably one of the happiest memories in everybody’s childhood.

Now that we are all reluctant homeschoolers, making time to play with our kids is even more important than when they attended school, since playing fun and creates special bonds, and also because our kid’s imagination is a fascinating world worth diving into. It’s their best gift to the world, and facilitating an outlet through playing is especially important.

Nick Bennet shares with us his unique ways of mixing work-from-home and homeschooling: the magic of making movies and the process of creating a short: story, storyboards, film, and editing, as entertaining ways to keep his daughters’ imagination alive even during the strains of shelter-in-home reality.


Suggested Time
1-5 days

Everyone in your family

Level of fun

Materials Needed
Camera (smartphone, Polaroid, disposable camera)
Paper and markers (for storyboarding) 

epidemic sound
Pixar in a Box (on Khan Academy)
Storyboard Template - downloadable

Bring in any area your kids are learning at school or are curious about. 
They will learn critical thinking, use their imagination, write and synthesize ideas, explore new tools, storytelling, and learn by doing (losing the fear of things needing to be perfect.) Heck, depending on their story they could even learn math, chemistry, and more. 

If you want to take it to the next level ask your kids which is their favorite show and ask them to imagine what an episode of that show would be. 
You can use keepvid to download the episode and use the intro and outro as part of your editing.

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