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The biggest adventure in life is life itself.

A treasure on your map.

A dōjō Practice with Allan Staker.

Having to mix parental duties, homeschooling and work obligations is hard. Having to stay inside the perimeter of one house for anybody under 15, for more than 3 weeks is nuts!!!

Kids all over the world are having to adapt to a new reality. But in their eyes, their world is still a playground, a canvas, and a stage. Allan Staker, Co-Founder of Brain Chase, knows this well. He has been setting up treasure hunts for kids for years now. But these are not backyard treasure hunts, Allan’s are global ones, where kids need to solve puzzles and solve clues using math, reading, writing, art, cooking, and engineering. The thrill of chasing clues and uncovering treasures is part of every kid’s DNA. We are born with a sense of adventure that our imagination craves.

Having to be inside the house respecting the shelter-in-place recommendations doesn’t mean not leaving the house virtually in search of adventures.

Internet + device + imagination = Endless fun.

Brain Chase, originally a summer camp, has quickly adapted to today's homeschooling needs and has just released a six-week treasure hunt called Quarantine 2020 Challenge. Where kids unlock clues via math, reading, yoga, and other subjects kids might not normally like to explore on their own.

You can sign your kid(s) up here. Besides learning loads, there is a $1,000 prize!*

*US residents and citizens

Thank you, Allan!

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